Kopi Lay- Mall Kelapa Gading 3-3rd floor, Jakarta

Last Saturday i went to MKG3 to catch some movie, but it wasn’t my lucky day coz in the end i failed to got a ticket. Actually the seat were not really full yet, but the remaining available seat  were only at the front row. Too close to the screen and i’m afraid that we won’t feel comfy watching from that distance. So after we got out from the XXI i headed back to the food court area, just strolling around with no direction. I still can’t figure out what to do..And when walking near the “eat and eat food market” area my eyes were attracted by this unique store. .the decoration theme were “old-time/classic/jadul chinese coffee shop”..it’s the type of coffee shop that u will find in public market in china, not fancy or luxurious but it was very unique. and also it seems that in china coffee shop are supposed to be an unity with a groceries store. That’s why here in Kopi Lay we will see numerous products such as powder, toothpaste, soap and other daily needs placed in front of the cashier desk (in this case it’s not for sale just for decoration purpose)

in front of the coffee shop

in front of the coffee shop

Their menu specialised in coffee, tea and toast. They have 3 different kind of coffee : black coffee, coffee +milk, and ice coffee. For the tea they have teh tarik and liang tea.Their toast selection (i only remember 2) are toast kaya (srikaya flavoured) and peanut butter toast. They have reasonable price range, where a glass of coffee/ tea cost around Rp.15.000 and toast cost around 10.000. That night i order 1 coffee+milk, 1 teh tarik and a toast kaya.

the glass and plates also "jadul"

the glass and plates also "jaduls"

Asu can see in the picture above, everytime u order a coffee/tea u will get a coffee taste biscuit..this biscuit is very sweet and good but personally i think it doesn’t match with the coffee. Coz the coffee it self already really sweet and combining it both will cause “over sweet” (hehe..i don’t know if this is the right term but intiny mah kemanisan atuh…). But the coffee it self taste okay, not very special but still enjoyable. The teh tarik taste better i think, it has the original flavour of teh tarik. The toast kaya was also okay, they use ordinary bread that we can found daily in the traditional market (i was expecting a softer bread, but maybe they pick this type of bread to keep the characteristic of an ordinary chinese coffee shop). The srikaya layer on that bread is too light and too thin i guess. But well it’s actually a personal taste coz when i eat srikaya bread at home i usually use thick and solid layer. I like if the srikaya taste to be very definitive..

Overally it was fun experience eating there, the decoration of the coffee shop gave bigger portion on this feeling (it gives fresh atmosphere and inspiration of a quick photo shoot around the set..hehe)  but the food and drinks were also okay and the price is worth with the taste.


interesting spot for a photo shoot 🙂


~ by asatta on September 21, 2008.

One Response to “Kopi Lay- Mall Kelapa Gading 3-3rd floor, Jakarta”

  1. I already seen Gading new spot to eat…so unique & interesting…I wonder where they get the “chinese door” which they put as decoration…awesome.. 🙂

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