Dunkin beat Starbucks!

This morning when i was reading online times magazine my eyes soon captivated by small banner in the right corner of the page. First i thought it was just an ordinary Dunkin Donuts advertisement but then this sentence came out : ” Dunkin Donut beats starbucks in a national taste test “. The aura of the sentence is quite offending and it’s not very often (especially in Indonesia) one brand mentioned other brand in their advertisement. Especially if the purpose is as a statement that their brand is better than others. Usually they don’t mentioned the brand but just the characteristic of the brand, especially the bad characteristics of course. Well, back to the topic, then i said to my self : ” what the heck is a taste test ? is this some kind of jokes? ” well apparently it’s not a joke because national taste test really exist in the States and Dunkin really beats Starbucks and they seems to be very proud of it. I think it’s also an interesting facts for us Indonesian people because most of us definetely usually think that Starbucks coffee is “better” than Dunkin Donuts coffee. The reason probably anything but the taste, could be because starbucks is trendier, more happening, fancy decoration, looks more elite, more expensive (pricey means quality for some people) and last but not least you will have a better style if your walking while holding a medium cup of frappucino in your hand. Dunkin Donuts outlet decorative are actually ok, though they are not special. But if you really looking for a coffee maybe you should think again. So what’s ur choice? tell me!

Check this website for more details : http://www.dunkinbeatstarbucks.com


~ by asatta on October 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dunkin beat Starbucks!”

  1. I agree with you sat, as mr Tukul said “don’t judge book from the cover”. When our brain has been hypnotized by several matters we will forget the main object of our aim to buy the product. This is marketing. There are one million way to turn the human thinking about something.

    Finally “keep choose the local coffe” like SIDO RAME coffe, that absolutely local products from malang city, Indonesia.

    Ganbatte kudasai

  2. You are so right zal, we should be more careful in selecting products to buy.

    Anyway, i also love indonesian coffee! when it comes to black coffee the definite choice is Kopi Lampung Cap Jempol! hehe…

  3. Haha…mantap mas Jikun…
    Berarti daripada dunkin donuts ato starbucks kita mending minum kopi tubruk racikan sendiri aja…hihihi…
    Berarti nanti kalo kalian cari istri, cari yang bisa bikin kopi enak dengan biaya murah…kikikik…teteep pikiran gw marrieed muluu…hahahaha…

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