Dramatic Reality Show Phenomenon

Lately there are new trends that i saw  in our television scene. A show categorized as “Reality Show” (The definition of reality show for me is a show that are made as close as can be to reality but still it is not the real thing) where it  tells a story of someone in such a dramatical way.  It all began with this show called ” Termehek-mehek “. The purpose of the show was to find long-lost brother or friend of someone. But in every episodes in every searching journey there will always be an intrigue.  And sometimes it made me wondering whether this intrigue are for real or fake. Nobody knows.

But then what become more interesting is that recenty there are more shows that following “termehek-mehek” strategy, not copying the exact concept but still selling the “reality show” and “dramatic intrigue of one’s life.  Husband and wifes with internal problems are now exposed to public (fyi, the MC of the show is a soon-to-be divorced man..ironic crap), guilty-feeling person try to ask forgiveness is now exposed to public and even broke-up couple that are considering to reunited are also exposed to public. And this shows are coming from different TV stations, it means that those Media Guys already realized that this kinda shows did attract many viewer and off course they don’t want to be left behind.

What is really going on here?What does it mean if we enjoy this kind of shows? (I have to admit that there is one episode of the husband and wife conflict shows that drag me a lil bit)Does it mean we care fore them?Or we are actually being mean because we use other people bad experience as a way to amuse us. Is it truly that bad if we watch this kind of shows?Should we propose to eliminate this kind of shows?!

Hmm, eliminating is way to dictating. As we live in this democracy country we should appreciate those fellow media guy who is just doing his job. They see this kind of shows as a business opportunity and utilize it. This is not wrong but in my opinion needs an improvement. If this shows is just seen as a way to entertain and amuse the audience how dare they did this. I challange them to create this show  to be inspiring, that in every episodes there has to be a moral story that guide the audience. Pretty simple example is the Desperate House wifes TV series. In every episodes we watch and enjoy intrigues between those characters, some ares seriuous intrigue but some are just daily neighbourhood issues. But the director never forget to give the audience the purpose of the intrigue. It usually spoken in the beginning or the end of the episodes or sometimes in the middle of the story. I hope those media guys can read my blog and try to apply this. Let’s not make our people to be non-productive melodramatic character, it’s all in your hands! We’ll be watching over you!



~ by asatta on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “Dramatic Reality Show Phenomenon”

  1. agree with you, but anyhow reality shows are still in Indonesia top ten chart than TV series. Thats why Media guys still making this “drama” reality shows…

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