Tiananmen Square 1989 – Tank Man

Thanks to twitter, i’ve been updated with so many useful information lately and just now TIME magazine tweets about this tiananmen square issue. They gave me this link :  Tiananmen Square – 1989 (Tank Man) which is a photo gallery from that incident in 1989. The photographer him self also gave comment of this photo. He gave quite a tragic actual view of that devastating incident.

I’ve heard about this issue before but never really had the opportunity to know the detail so i google and find many information. Tiananmen Square is a mass destruction chaos, it’s a man slaughtered by machine, human rights versus autocracy and the winner is the one who got most power. Thank God that i lived in this democratic country, or let just say close-to-democratic..hmm, maybe not so close but we are trying..are we?



~ by asatta on June 4, 2009.

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